Science Meet Math, Math & Science Meet Technology

Are you looking for an exciting engaging activities to start the year? Well, do I have a project for you, and it even integrates the scientific method, math, and technology . is proud to present the 1o th year of using the Oreo cookie to teach math, history, language arts, science and technology and more in your classroom! That’s right its O.R.E.O. 2008 Project time once again! (Unfortunately, for the last time. This telecollaborative project is about to retire.) This project is open to any grade in any location! For 2008, students will stack the original Oreo cookie and count how many Oreos they can stack before the Oreos tumble. The “official” project dates are September 15 to October 10, 2008. There are worksheets, games, fun links, trivia, lesson ideas and more to help bring FUN into your classroom.

The beauty of this project is that you can actually do the project prior the the dates listed above and then report your findings during the project window, adjust it to fit any age range, aligns with current SOL standards for study, and it allows students to participate in gathering data as an individual, as a class, and as a part of a larger collective body. If you are interested in participating in the O.R.E.O project let me know, I would love to assist you in any way that would benefit you and your classroom. Don’t hesitate to ask me questions about this type of project. As a classroom teacher, I participated in several of Jen Wagner’s project and found students thoroughly enjoyed them, were worth the time and effort, supported the curriculum, and provided opportunity to make cross curricular connections between math, science, and technology.

Content Alignment
SCIENCE: Scientific Method
MATH: Number & Number Sense (Counting 1-20, comparing numbers), Statistics (Tally Marks), Computation and Estimation (adding, dividing, averaging, and using a calculator)

ISTE NETS-S(National Educational Technology Standards for Students):

Communication & Collaboration, Research & Information Fluency