Tales from VSTE !

THE MADNESS is already getting to me…I said I was going to blog everyday from Monday until the end of the month! All I can say is blame Day Light Savings; its kickin’ this girl’s tail feather! And now I am about to break my 250 word count rule!

Check out the VSTE 2008 page located on the toolbar of this blog. It contains resources from my presentation, a very informative presentation about RSS presented by Leah Stephenson, & a link to the BCPS VSTE page showcasing all of our county presenters & their resources.

I would encourage you to join VSTE: Virginia Society for Technology in Education the membership is free. It is for anyone interested in educational technology and is a great addition to your professional resume! The organization provides its members with great information through emails, listservs, forums, and social networking sites. The badges on the right hand side of this blog connect to the VSTE network on Ning, which is a social networking site like Facebook or MySpace, the focus is for professional organizations. Set up a user account to join any of the networks. The network includes a place to upload videos, pictures, blog entries, as well as a personal page that allows you to invite colleagues to be your “friend” & post to your page. E-mail notification let you know if anyone has posted. It is very exciting to know that a tremendous amount of information about specific instructional technologies is just waiting to be tapped!

One of the most beneficial aspects of VSTE this year for me was personally was networking with other individuals from across the state. The use of social networks like Ning and Twitter (for a future post) have brought a new dimension of connection that has enabled the collaboration to continue far beyond the span of the conference. Here are a few links provided by fellow bloggers about the knowledge gained at VSTE!

Resources for Integrating Technology with Marzano’s Instructional Strategies

Hall Davidson: The iPod as MegVCR:Media Libraries in Your Pocket

Tammy Worcester

Integration is Key

Internet Safety Entry

Other attendees (ie..Imondo, Bock, McGuire) who have links to resources, please feel free to post them to the comments section of this blog entry!

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  1. Thanks for the link! VSTE rocked this year! One of the best things that came out of it for me was connecting with all the other ITRTs out there blogging…including you! I’ve enjoyed reading your current articles…a post a day was a big task to take on! I’ve enjoyed them so far!! 🙂

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